Background Painting and illustration

About Ethan

About Ethan

Ethan Yazel is an illustrator and the director of "Agent Bird", an award winning animated short film, living in the woods of the midwestern United States. Work includes background painting for TV animation, print illustration, visual development, and apparel design.

Clients Include



Powerhouse Animation

Pig Apple Studios

Image Brew

In 2017 Ethan began production on his own film "Agent Bird". After completing it in early 2018, Ethan has been sending it to festivals around the United States. While he worked as director, he also worked as art director and animator to complete the film.

Ethan started selling his work online when he was 18 as a way to save up some money for a weekly trip to the comic book shop, but it has adjusted over the years to helping me with school loans, rent, and groceries.