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Hustling into the new year

Freelancing continued it’s hectic warpath through my life as we came into the new year. As the holiday shopping season came to a close and my etsy shops slowed down, freelance work popped up to fill the void through the holidays. While I did enjoy some time with Paisley, and the rest of my family, I’m still longing for a bit more rest. 

Below I’ve illustrated a small comic expressing how my life feels at the time of writing. 

Heading to this new year, I’m excited to share that I’ve been working with Brent Bailey to bring his documentary series the “Iron Road” to light as I edit the first episode in this series about blacksmithing. I’ve also going my fingers in a couple indie films as a background designer, and my name is on a shot for a “Courage the Cowardly Dog” reanimated project. 

Once I get a few of these jobs under my belt for this year, I’ll be moving towards new print production for “Indy Pop Con”, a large pop culture convention in Indianapolis this June. I’ve got some fan art and original subjects planned, after working on almost no personal work for several months now, I’m real excited to get to work on some work for me.  



Also, in case you missed it, I proposed to Paisley and she said yes! We’re hoping to be married this autumn here in Indiana so my 94 year old grandfather can easily attend. 


I hope your new year is going well, best wishes,