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Evening Badger Drawings on the Ipad

I’ve really backed off my efforts to share something a few times a week to stay up in the social media rat race. I didn’t draw much at all, apart from designs for the Iron Ram, but I’m feeling rested and excited about some upcoming projects.

I purchased procreate last week, mainly for its ability to export PSD files, finally completing my mobile workstation in the ipad pro. Below you can see a couple of my first drawings with the program as learned it’s functions.

Much of my day is dedicated to the Iron Ram and helping Paisley with her new shop, so I don’t have much time to sit down and draw during the day. Being able to use the ipad and draw while we watch the news or an evening movie is so nice. I don’t need a lamp and I’m not fighting for a good angle while trying to be comfortable on the couch.