Background Painting and illustration

Ethan and Paisley

Ethan and Paisley

Ethan and Paisley are an artist tag team. When not working for book publishers or TV animation, Paisley and Ethan help each other on their own comics, films and illustrations. While they both have distinct styles and subject matters, they come together to collaborate on new illustrations for their shops and convention tables.

At conventions, Ethan and Paisley table together to exhibit their works for con goers and fans. Between tabling in different artist alleys, they also stream together on twitch, sharing their experience as artists, and answering questions from the audience about their process, software, and working in animation.


Ethan Yazel

I'm an illustrator and the director of "Agent Bird", an award winning animated short film, living in the woods of the midwestern United States. My work includes background painting for TV animation, print illustration, visual development, and apparel design.

In 2017 I began production on my own film "Agent Bird" before and after shifts at the local electronics store. After completing it in early 2018, I have been sending it to festivals around the United States. While I worked as director, I also worked as art director and animator to complete the film.

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Paisley Hansen

My name is Paisley and I am an independent visual artist and illustrator based in Northern Indiana. I have been drawing as fast as I can since I was a wee one living on my grandparents' cattle farm, where I learned to love ink, animals, and the great outdoors.

I began illustrating children's books and doing commission work in high school, which led me to pursue art at Ball State University. I graduated with honors in 2016, earning a Bachelors of Fine Art with a concentration in animation.