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Drawing my dog Badger- Drawing with AutoDesk Sketchbook and the Ipad Pro

Recently I’ve been super interested in the iPad Pro as a replacement for my Surface 3. The surface is a great machine and has done me well, but having access to updated mobile applications and a better portable drawing surface pushed me over the edge into hunting one up.  

Researching, I knew I couldn’t afford a new one, and the apple refurbs were a bit out there as well. I took to craigslist and the facebook market place to find something a bit closer to my price range. After wading through scams and people who would never talk to me, I found one about an hour away for sale that was perfect. Paisley and I drove up on a cool Saturday morning and met the young fella, super swell guy. We sat down and he worked with us to get it reset and ready to go before we parted way. 

On the way home, we went to Paisley’s favorite fast food place, “Sonic Drive In” and had lunch before heading back home. Being the frugal guy I am, I found someone selling an Apple Pencil in the next town over and met them in a Dairy Queen parking lot. 

I’m slowly getting used to the iPad as a drawing tool, below you can see some of my first drawings of badger while we watch movies in the evening. Our country internet cuts off about 7pm so we’ve been watching our favorite DVDs to pass the time.  

If you are looking for something new for yourself, I really encourage you to check out the second hand economy online. It’s a bit weirder than just going to the store but you get more of a fun time out of it in my opinion.   

Stay tuned for some more stuff from the ipad, I’m hoping to do a couple videos about what I’m doing with it.