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Our first convention! Artist Alley round 1

In late September we ventured out of our woodland home to give tabling at artist alley our first try. Our friend Jake Siano reached out to us in June or May about “Toy Con”, a small toy focused convention that was branching into artist alley, and wanted to know if we’d be interested in signing up. The con was small enough and close enough that we didn’t have much overhead so we took up the chance to get out of the house and try something new! 

I spent a few weeks watching YouTube videos from successful artists and studied how they set up their tables, what they bring, how they display their art and came up with a bit of a list of things I thought we needed. After discussing my plans with Paisley, we ordered some storage grates, display stands, and materials to make stickers and pins at home to boost our wares.  

Below you can see some pictures of our table we took before the show got started! 

While the show didn’t go quite as well as we hoped, we still had a great time meeting up with Jake and making new friends with the other artists that tabled. We’re big fans of these small conventions as a good place to cut your teeth as a fan and an exhibitor before moving onto a bigger con. 

Looking into 2019, we are shopping for a few cons to try and go to, but right now the only thing we have booked is Indy Pop Con in June! It’s a big Con and I’m gonna be stressed out preparing but I’m hoping for a good time.