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May-October 2018 A 50 page PDF Sketchbook.

In case you missed it, I’ve scanned my most recent sketchbook from 2018 and I’ve put all the best bits together into a PDF you can purchase for just $1.  

This being my second sketchbook from 2018 (the pdf of the first one is almost here), I’m excited to share it with you. I keep a sketchbook like a daily driver, I use it for notes, meetings, calls, sketches, finished pieces and more. It’s like a book that holds a slice of my life at the time of making it. As a kid my parents always had me carry a sketchbook around so I could keep myself occupied at their meetings, family events and trips to the BMV.

After my grandfather passed, we discovered he had an original notebook of one of our ancestors from the 1800’s. The book documented his life, who he loaned his oxen to, what he bought from who, and many other “slice of life” notes. It was fascinating to me. Maybe someone in the future will take a gander and think “Huh, The badgers in this book look more like a weiner dog” 

Below you can check out some of the sketches I’ve not published before to give you an idea of what secrets are behind the cover

If you’d like to purchase the sketchbook you can do so through this link here-