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Agent Bird at Gen Con 2018

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Last week Paisley and I had the chance to attend Gen Con 2018 with Agent Bird. Having attended a few years ago for "Claire and the Keys" we knew a little bit about the convention's massive scale and planned accordingly to see a bit more of the convention and film festival than last time. The tag line for the con is "The best 4 days in gaming" and I really think you need 4 days to see and do it all. 


On Thursday and Friday we made our way through all the big rooms. There were vendors, indie game makers, and artists everywhere, and everyone was having fun. I can't say that Paisley and I play a lot of board games, but it was hard to not pick up a few based on all the smiles going around.

I've got a few pictures here of some of my favorite sites (mainly giant robots, there were so many giant robots it was great). 

DSC01494 (Medium).jpeg




Thursday evening I was on a couple panels to talk about film making, the first talking about Film budgeting and finance and the second about making an animated film. Both panels had some great discussion and questions from the audience. I wish we could have had longer panels, but we were on a tight schedule all weekend! If you are interested in Gen Con, I'd definitely check out the roster of film maker panels, it's like an indie film boot camp! 

Thursday night I finally cracked open the Gen Con program, it's a thick magazine full of events, maps and pretty pictures of a ton of games at the convention. Flipping through to the film festival pages, I was elated to see that Agent Bird had been selected as the main image for the "Animated Shorts Block" in the program! I know folks are there for the games, but it was incredible to see a frame from our movie as the leading image! 

IMG_4506 (Edited).JPG

On Sunday we did a final walk of artist alley and headed over to the festival awards where we were happy to receive the "Best Animated Film" award! The animated shorts block was chock full some great animation from some awesome people, being selected was such an honor! 



Thank you patrons and readers for you support of Agent Bird and the crew over the course of production. Wonderful weekends like this one wouldn't be possible without your kind words and support!