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3D Models in Agent Bird

I think I've talked some before about this, but we are using some 3D modeling in production as an aid to the 2D animation.

 I started by making a model of the entire set, with enough detail to help me keep details like the tables and chairs consistent through all the shots. This has really accelerated background painting and I've been implementing it in the rest of production to help me, Paisley, and Alec as we get to animating. 

One of the big areas we are implementing some more 3D models are the guns used by the characters. The guns are moving an awful lot in the short, so I drew up the guns and made some models that you can see below. 

So, the fun part about these models is that they won't be used in the final film, they won't be 3D at all. The plan is to bring these models into toon boom, move them to match with the storyboards, and then trace over them. 

Hopefully, this will speed up animation by not having to draw these props at different angles in every shot, as well as saving time with clean up because the model is already accurate to itself. 

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