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March 2019 Sketchbook Entries

It’s been a busy month for the Iron Ram as we finished up a major spring expo with our forged tools. The business is going well for us as we look forward to a bit of a surge here as it warms up in Indiana.

Below I’ve got a few sketchbook entries from the past months. I’ve been drawing from observation much more lately. It’s been a long time since I drew from my imagination, I’m not sure if it’s on vacation but we will have to wait and see.

If you follow me online you might notice I’ve left much of the internet. My posting is sparce and I don’t spend as much time on the web as I used to. I can’t compete in the race anymore, I’m just not good enough. I’m so thankful for all the friends I made and I’ll do my best to keep in touch, yall are making such cool stuff, I’m so proud of you.

All the best,