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Home in the trees- Evening Ipad drawing

Plugging away with drawing on my ipad in the evenings, I’ve struggled to get painterly with these new tools, but drawing has been delightful. The first drawing I’m showing you is a self portrait as I reflect on my feelings of being at home in the country again for the first time in 5 years. 

I’m using the basic pencil in Autodesk sketchbook with the Apple Pencil. I’m so used to drawing in photoshop on my cintiq with hot keys and buttons, so drawing on the simple sketchbook interface feels much more natural. I’m not ctrl-z for each mistake and trying to go with the flow as I would with traditional materials. I love drawing in pencil, but doing heavy values in my sketchbook gets annoying as the lead inevitably smears if I don’t apply a fixative. Digital graphite is a great solution to this, although I don’t have a nice book to clutter my shelf at the end of a few months.  


I worked on this piece over the course of 3 evenings with some dog walking breaks in between drawing. Badger doesn’t like us being distracted from him for too long.  

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