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Agent Bird Release- Website and more

 This week we've got some fun "Agent Bird" news and some other odds and ends about cool stuff coming up in September. 

First up, Agent Bird will be screening THIS WEEKEND at Dragon Con in Atlanta!! While I'm disappointed Paisley and I won't be able to make it down for the convention and festival, we're still super excited about the screening. Agent Bird will be screening on Saturday at 2:30pm if you'd like to see it, or know anyone going that might want to see it as well! I'm hoping the festival staff gets some pictures, so I can live vicariously through them, haha. 

I'll be sharing some more promo images advertising the festival and screening times through this week and weekend as well. 

Second, the Agent Bird IMDB is all set up and a bit cleaner now. I've got the crew list updated with proper spellings of everyone's name (My bad), as well as some new descriptors and production images! We're not on the front page or anything, but it looks nice having more info up on such an important website. 



Last up for Agent Bird this week is something I've been talking about all summer and we've finally go everything ready to go. 



We're going to finally be doing a limited online release for Agent Bird the week of September 24. This means you can watch the whole film right from the comfort of your own home! We've got a short lull between festivals after Dragon Con, so it finally gives us a chance to show you the film for a limited time. I'll be sharing some promotional reminders leading up to it on social media and I'll be sure to post on here as well so you get an extra reminder. I've got everything hosted through Vimeo right now, but I'll be sharing that link on social media as well as my brand new website! 

That's right, I've got a proper website now ( Websites are something Paisley and I have been mulling over for a long time now, did we need one? Is it worth it? We waffled back and forth quite a bit but Gen Con really pushed us over the edge. Everyone there had and was marketing one, business cards were simple with a website and email, unlike our last batch of cards with a honkin' big list of where you can find our work across the internet. After Gen Con we slept for a few days but then dived right into site construction. 


Over about two weeks I tinkered with layouts and pages but got around to making something I really like. I've got a nice controllable portfolio space, some contact forms, but super importantly, a nice controlled space for Agent Bird. Social media and Patreon are great, but the ebb and flow of these sites over the past year makes me a bit nervous. Putting some money down to have a spot for my film where I'm in charge feels pretty good. Oh, on the Agent Bird page, there's a section for fan art, so if you've made some and it's not there, please let me know! 


I've set up a blog on the page as well, where I'll be cross posting these updates. Patreon has been doing some weird business side stuff that makes me super nervous about having no back up in place. I'm not evacuating by any means, and I'll continue to support everyone I can on the site, but I'm feeling better about having a second location for these writings. 


Looking at my notes here, I've got one other announcement- Paisley and I will be at ToyCon September 23rd in Highland Indiana! It's the first convention we've ever tabled at, so we've been busy getting ready. So far we're 

  • Designing new prints

  • Producing stickers in house 

  • Designing the table space 

  • Designing/buying a banner and      new cards

  • Figuring out how to get all      this stuff to the convention.

I'm excited to be doing this and I'm excited to share what we come up with, but it's a bit stressful haha! Good stress though. We are finally getting down to the grit of tabling at cons and looking forward to applying to more for 2019. 

Thanks for reading this super long update! More words than art this time, but because we've been working on the websites and the convention, I've got some fun new pieces ready to share and I'll get to writing those soon! 

Patrons, thank you for your support, it's helped me do a film and now a website. I'm forever thankful. 


PS- Here's a cute pic of badger