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Paisley’s First Greenhouse- 2019

Paisley and I have been working hard on our homestead this year. Our garden is in full bloom, but earlier this spring Paisley was working hard in her greenhouse. 

She started many of our vegetables in this house as well as a large selection of herbs. I’d watch her fondly from the shop or studio as she worked tirelessly to give her first garden the best start she could.

I couldn’t help but try and capture the spirit of Paisley’s greenhouse with some lines and color, it’s simple structure fosters not only our yearly seedlings, but also much of my hope for the future.


It’s been wonderful living close to nature as I once was. We are tending to the same garden my parents did with my sister and I as toddlers, I feel a powerful connection to this land and the woods around it. Below you can watch as the ipad captures each of my brush strokes through the painting. I didn’t keep track of time, but I imagine I spent close to 10 hours or so.